Giochi dell'Oca e di percorso
(by Luigi Ciompi & Adrian Seville)
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Nome autore: Gatti Altiero 
Nazionalità: Italia 
Città: Siena 

Altiero Gatti (Biographical details)
Altiero Gatti (publisher/printer; dealer/auction house; Italian; Male; fl.1588 - 1596)
Also known as Gatti, Altiero
Book seller, printer, print dealer and print publisher, from Siena. Active in Rome. The inventory of his shop was drawn up 14 October 1596, after his death (Masetti Zannini, pp. 307-310). It included copper plates and woodblocks, along with books and examples of woodcut prints. The quantities of prints are remarkable: he had 26,000 small 'santini' and 736 large ones, together with 5300 miscellaneous figures. He owned two presses. The inventory reveals that he had a partnership agreement with Giovanni Antonio de Paoli, and that they held copper plates in common. Gatti died when his wife was pregnant; Cesare Capranica was the guardian for the expected child.
He published the work of Camillo Graffico.

M. Bury, ‘The Print in Italy 1550-1625’, British Museum, London 2001, p.227
(British Museum)

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