Giochi dell'Oca e di percorso
(by Luigi Ciompi & Adrian Seville)
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Nome autore: Schencken, Peter 
Nazionalitą: Olanda 
Cittą: Amsterdam 

Pieter Schenk
Dutch; Male; 1660 - 1718/19
Also known as: Schenk, Pieter; Schenck, Pieter; Schencken, Peter
Engraver and mezzotinter who became a major publisher of prints and maps. His own prints are mainly mezzotints, similar in type to Jacob Gole, mostly copies of portraits and topography. Partner of Gerard Valck from c.1680, whose sister he married in 1687. In 1683/4 they bought much of stock of J. Janssen.
His "album amicorum" reveals many business trips to Leipzig May and October fairs 1700 -11. Linked with court at Dresden, as he signed himself as engraver to Augustus the Strong on a 1709 portrait of Frederick IV of Denmark (H. 596).
(British Museum)


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