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(by Luigi Ciompi & Adrian Seville)
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Jeu de l'Oie 
Versione stampabile      Invia una segnalazione
primo autore: Non indicato 
secondo autore: J.W.S.&S. Bavaria (Spear) 
anno: 1910 
luogo: Germania-Baviera 
periodo: XX secolo (1°/4) 
percorso: Percorso di 68 caselle numerate 
materiale: cartoncino 
dimensioni: 000X000 
stampa: Cromolitografia 
luogo acquisto: Germania 
data acquisto:  
dimensioni confezione:  
numero caselle: 68 
categoria: Oca 
tipo di gioco: Gioco con oca  
editore: J.W. Spear&Sons Londra 
stampatore: J.W. Spear&Sons, Bavaria 
proprietario: Collezione L. Ciompi 
autore delle foto: L. Ciompi 
numero di catalogo: 432 
descrizione: Gioco di 68 caselle numerate, spirale, orario, centripeto.
REGOLE: non riportate sul tavoliere.
CASELLE: mute.

"Jeu de l'Oie" (V&A Museum)The Game of Goose is generally regarded as the first race game and was developed in Italy in the mid-16th century. This version by Spears uses the traditional spiral layout for the playing squares, but is unusual in that the illustration in the centre shows children playing the game. The box for this particular game is interesting as it was adapted by the Tom Smith cracker company to hold Christmas Crackers.
Design: chromolithography mounted on card, folded in three; original card box
N°of squares: 68
Squares illustrated: all
Square numbering: all
Squares titled: none
Subject of starting square: pond
Subject of ending square: picnic scene
Place of Origin: England (designed); Germany (manufactured)
Date: ca. 1910
Artist/maker: J. W. Spear & Sons Ltd
Materials and Techniques: Chromolithograph, mounted on card
Dimensions: Length: 44 cm; width: 28.5 cm
Object history note: trademark of Spear & Sons - lance with standard marked SPEAR SERIES ending square shows a picnic being disrupted by geese box has large pictorial label showing 2 children fending off geese with an umbrella; trademark has been black out and overprinted with TOM SMITH'S inside is a compartment with yellow strings to hold Christmas crackers and inside of lid has a typed label No. 3160 GAME OF GOOSE. A CHRISTMAS GAMES
J. W. SPEAR & SONS, London, founded 1877
Historical context note
Rewards: forward movement, extra turns, receipt of counters
Forfeits: backward movement, missed turns, payment of counters
N°of Players: 6
Equipment required: 6 cardboard geese, dice , counters
Rules placement: sheet marked 5719/1
Descriptive line: printed card game, The Game of Goose, printed in Germany by J. W. Spear & Sons Ltd about 1910Attribution Note: printed in the Spears Works, Bavaria; used by Tom Smith's crackers for a Christmas box.

NOTA: Di questo esemplare, stampato dalla J.W.Spear&Sons di Londra (fondata nel 1877) presso la propria filiale in Baviera, esistono molte varianti per dimensioni e caratteristiche del tavoliere. In alcune varianti sono riportate le regole nelle singole caselle ed in altre cambia la colorazione di quest'ultime. Vedi anche esemplari in archivio n°478 e n°77.

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  The Development of the English Board Game, 1770-1850 (Caroline G. Goodfellow)

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